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These occasional spiritual retreats are very necessary to cleanse us inwardly, Jesus Bonilla yoga retreats in Spain serve above all to find renewed strength and accumulate new inspiration, study, meet affine, relax, learn to meditate and see life from a focus more positive and serene. Practicing asanas also helps to balance and harmonize the energy of the human body.

In these yoga retreats in Spain with Jesus Bonilla a state of consciousness is achieved in which one comes into contact with the superior energy of the Universe, the spirituality that is breathed in the retreat environment eliminates the mind-body duality diluting it, achieving a state of unity that remains in daily life. If you want to deepen your practice, our yoga retreats are the perfect refuge for nature lovers, dynamic yoga, healing therapies and maintaining health. A seminar is much more than a few days in which new people are known, spiritual retreat is a valuable investment that relaxes your busy mind, a space in which yoga, pranayama breathing exercises and meditation give your body a healthy exercise


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Come and enjoy an authentic retirement experience in a relaxed and familiar environment for small groups of no more than 20/25 people. It is not only a few days when you live an alternative activity, the yoga retreat is also a positive step towards self research, meditation encourages the ability of self-analysis very useful to put aside old habits that no longer serve you.

HIKING AND YOGA IN NATURE: Spiritual Retreat in Gestalgar, Valencia. Exercises, yoga postures, breathing, meditation, we will help you to relax from the stress and tensions of the daily routine, you will learn yoga in a very positive way, we will teach you so that your body and mind recover their energy and their healing powers with simple practices of yoga, relaxation and meditation exercises.

WITHDRAWALS OF YOGA MEDITATION AND WALKING IN VALENCIA IN THE PRETTY PEOPLE OF GESTALGAR: Dates of the Retreat (open). One every month. Groups of 20 people of all ages in which young people of both sexes predominate.

HIKING: We walk every day. You do not need an extraordinary physical condition, just an illusion to get fit and enjoy the beautiful scenery walking at a good pace. We usually practice yoga and hiking in nature in Chulilla and Chelva.

PRACTICES YOGA WORKSHOP: The yoga retreat is designed for those beginners as well as those who are already advanced. The Hatha Yoga sessions, the 5 Tibetan Rites exercises and the Kundalini Yoga classes are designed to allow more or less young people, with different degrees of strength and flexibility to feel comfortable doing the same session, all series of asanas are adapted to the different possibilities. The pranayamas, mudras, mantras, kriyas, bandhas, concentration and meditation techniques that we use are part of an easy and effective sadhana, all that is required of the student is the desire to participate and a correct intention. Of course, those who have previously practiced yoga and meditation will be helpful, but being a beginner is not an obstacle, one day you have to start.

FOOD: The food that everyone who comes to my yoga retreats is vegetarian, and each person is responsible for bringing their own food, you can heat breakfast in the morning and at night there is the option to cook.

ACCOMMODATION: We are in a Gestalgar house with two bathrooms, one for the girls on the top floor, and the other for the boys on the first floor. It is necessary to bring a yoga mat and a sleeping bag, as you sleep in the yoga room.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF THE WITHDRAWALS: We arrived the day before the retreat at night (if it is a weekend, the arrival will be Friday night), and we closed the seminar on Sunday afternoon.

The yoga holidays in Italy during the first half of August should be reserved as soon as possible, as the price of the flight and rental cars become more expensive as summer approaches. We will be staying at the Hotel Nigritella, in Santa Fosca, a beautiful village in the Dolomite Alps that belongs to Selva di Cadore and is at the foot of the impressive Monte Pelmo and the Civetta. Consult the interested conditions and price.

In our Yoga Retreats you will achieve a state of profound peace, you will practice series of asanas of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga adapted to the capacity of the assistants, pranayamas, meditation, Tibetan rites, a very special yoga retreat in which you will exper

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