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The sequence of postures is important in the yoga of Jesus Bonilla, since each of the asanas that starts a series of exercises prepares the body for the next level of intensity. Try to do Pranayama breathing and other Kundalini kriyas such as shoulder twists and neck stretches, or yoga movements for the eyes to improve coordination and overall flexibility. Training with dynamic exercises has positive effects and allows the body to adapt to the higher demands of the following positions. Make sure you warm up your body before trying these yoga postures and do the movements in a smooth and controlled way, to fully enjoy your session, get all its benefits and the best results.

It is always a good idea to start a series of asanas with some easy postures. Breathing and conscious control of movement is essential in all yoga exercises, and Bidalasana is a great exercise to help you prepare. Also known as the cat’s asana, this technique improves coordination and balance. Your center of gravity is closely related to your pelvic area in relation to the rest of your body. In the posture of the cat, you are on your hands and knees making it easy and pleasant that the back arches up and down. You must allow your head to accompany the movement as well.

A great advantage of these sequences of movements is that they teach you how to get your muscles to maintain a good posture for your back. If you do not have an excellent physical condition and have led a sedentary life, certain attitudes, such as traction of the leg in the cat, for example, may seem demanding at first, do not be discouraged if you are not able to follow the yoga instructions in the first attempt.

These free yoga exercises that are described below, also known familiarly as asanas or postures, give a compensated series of Hatha Yoga with different exercises so you can start. When you feel more fit, you can start your yoga class at home practicing Sun Salutation. There are many forms of yoga in India and Tibet, but Hatha and Kundalini are the most popular in Europe and America. As for yoga equipment, the good news is that the main thing you will need is a mat.

There is a rhythm in yoga sequences that gives incredible results in terms of health benefits, everything happens to be calm and train correctly. An asana or yoga posture has three stages to complete it: enter the pose, the completion of the exercise and leaving the pose. Stretch slowly, progressively and gently in the posture and then try to keep it for a few seconds without stopping breathing. Depending on the style and personal level of yoga, asanas are carried out for a variety of lengths ranging from about 30 “, 60”, and up to 3-5 minutes. Choose always what is comfortable for you, to go step by step, and always get out of a pose if it causes you some discomfort or pain that is increasing.

One of the best things that surprises is that despite all the benefits that yoga produces, if you practice at home on your own, following all the good information and yoga courses that you can find online, it will not cost you anything. The only thing that is indispensable is the body itself, there is no need to buy expensive equipment to get the best results.

Although it is not essential to have a site specially designed to perform your yoga exercises, be sure to choose an environment as far away from stimuli and distractions as possible (such as conversations, music, street noise, TV, etc.). ). An insulating mat, a blanket or a simple large towel can be converted into a soft base for comfort when making asanas, since many of them are made, either in a sitting or lying position.

For yoga clothes in your workout, do not complicate your life, try to select something comfortable and loose, such as full tracksuits if it is cold, sweatpants and a shirt, shorts or loose pajamas. If the temperature accompanies you can train naked, the only clothing necessary to practice yoga, is the one that dictates the modesty of each one. Something very important is that our stomach is empty, at the time of beginning your yoga exercise routine. As a most common rule, a couple of hours after a main meal is not excessively strong, it is the great time for practicing asanas.

If you want to advance decisively and achieve all the benefits, program two yoga sessions, one in the early morning taking advantage of Amrit Vela or hour of ambrosia and the other in the evening, it can be extraordinarily beneficial for your body and your mind. The continued accomplishment of yogic exercises in the morning contributed

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