Health Benefits of Yoga & Which Style is Best for You

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Yoga has scientific benefits on the body and the nervous system when they are practiced in harmony, meditation, relaxation and postures to bring the physical body, breathing and mind together. The purpose of including yoga in your daily routine is not to achieve perfect flexibility. All people have unique body structures and the levels at which we can bend vary. With these simple tips from the teacher Jesus Bonilla you can enter the yoga class with the attitude of a yogi. Maybe you are a beginner and you are interested in learning yoga with Jesus Bonilla as a therapy, sport, or maybe to lose weight, lose weight or experience something new. If you find it hard to decide and you wonder how this ancient science with its origins in India is practiced, do not be intimidated, it’s something simple!

Padmasana Yoga lotus pose in nature. By Jesus Bonilla, the Tanumanasi teacher.
Begin to enjoy without contraindications in your physical body the scientific benefits of learning yoga with a teacher. You can also practice at home. First you must choose a type of yoga, start reading and researching about the different types and styles. Take a few minutes to review the abundant information. In this website Tanumanasi teacher you will find complete yoga classes and especially good information on how to learn without leaving home, choose a type of yoga that goes well with your schedules and customs, select classes and exercises that rhyme with your personality and fitness Otherwise, after a while you will get tired and leave it.

Yoga in Spanish has introductory classes for beginners, you can learn meditation techniques and free online relaxation at home, although it is best to attend classes at least at the beginning, to learn the yoga of Jesus Bonilla in Madrid a class of Hatha or Kundalini will be the most convenient. These are fun styles with prepositions and basic series and you can always try to practice and progress until you reach the most advanced. Within the styles, you will find many labels of the dynamic or therapeutic type. There are others to learn called integral yoga, Ashtanga vyniasa, strong, nidra, mental, bikram. So many that you will ask, but what is yoga? My answer is that asanas, pranayama breathing, meditation, kundalini kriyas, mudras and bandhas make yoga the most universal therapy.

There are some good books and even videos to learn yoga in Spanish for free, but none of them can replace a good teacher. You can also attend yoga retreats, holidays that I, Jesus Bonilla Fraile, organize every summer. Once you have decided, you should find a center where you can take weekly classes. The simplest thing is to search the Internet for the term “yoga” next to your city. Take time, select, request information, visit several classes before deciding. Finally, he values ​​the pleasantness of the place, the environment, the human quality, preparation and technical training of those who teach the classes. Speak with students. Prima the proximity to your home, work, neighborhood. The latter will encourage you to continue by allowing you to make the most of the time available to you. Sports clubs and gyms also offer classes to learn yoga, but in these cases you should consider that due to the need for silence and intimacy that requires yoga and meditation may not be the ideal place.

Yoga is a traditional form of exercises that have been practiced for thousands of years in India. The purpose of this website to convey the way to learn yoga in Spanish is to teach to be at peace with the mind, body and soul through the asanas, breathing pranayama, kriyas, bandhas, mudras and meditation. The physical focus of yoga is to learn certain asanas with proper alignment and maintenance in the posture. Yoga exercises have a different degree of difficulty.

The first time you start practicing to learn yoga in Spanish for free, you must be prepared to perform the positions that are performed while sitting, standing and lying. As you progress in the classes you will increase your level of difficulty, this will help you build your muscle tone and flexibility.

The yoga postures that are practiced sitting like the Lotus, are just some of the most typical asanas and are usually with a little simple training to learn and maintain. Seated positions usually aim at yoga to learn breathing techniques keeping the body in the correct position and alignment. They are a way of introduction for yoga beginners to become familiar with their principles.

There are many varieties of yoga postures that are executed standing up. These exercises help improve endurance, flexibility, and the main objective while performing is the correct alignment of the spine while using…

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The sequence of postures is important in the yoga of Jesus Bonilla, since each of the asanas that starts a series of exercises prepares the body for the next level of intensity. Try to do Pranayama breathing and other Kundalini kriyas such as shoulder twists and neck stretches, or yoga movements for the eyes to improve coordination and overall flexibility. Training with dynamic exercises has positive effects and allows the body to adapt to the higher demands of the following positions. Make sure you warm up your body before trying these yoga postures and do the movements in a smooth and controlled way, to fully enjoy your session, get all its benefits and the best results.

It is always a good idea to start a series of asanas with some easy postures. Breathing and conscious control of movement is essential in all yoga exercises, and Bidalasana is a great exercise to help you prepare. Also known as the cat’s asana, this technique improves coordination and balance. Your center of gravity is closely related to your pelvic area in relation to the rest of your body. In the posture of the cat, you are on your hands and knees making it easy and pleasant that the back arches up and down. You must allow your head to accompany the movement as well.

A great advantage of these sequences of movements is that they teach you how to get your muscles to maintain a good posture for your back. If you do not have an excellent physical condition and have led a sedentary life, certain attitudes, such as traction of the leg in the cat, for example, may seem demanding at first, do not be discouraged if you are not able to follow the yoga instructions in the first attempt.

These free yoga exercises that are described below, also known familiarly as asanas or postures, give a compensated series of Hatha Yoga with different exercises so you can start. When you feel more fit, you can start your yoga class at home practicing Sun Salutation. There are many forms of yoga in India and Tibet, but Hatha and Kundalini are the most popular in Europe and America. As for yoga equipment, the good news is that the main thing you will need is a mat.

There is a rhythm in yoga sequences that gives incredible results in terms of health benefits, everything happens to be calm and train correctly. An asana or yoga posture has three stages to complete it: enter the pose, the completion of the exercise and leaving the pose. Stretch slowly, progressively and gently in the posture and then try to keep it for a few seconds without stopping breathing. Depending on the style and personal level of yoga, asanas are carried out for a variety of lengths ranging from about 30 “, 60”, and up to 3-5 minutes. Choose always what is comfortable for you, to go step by step, and always get out of a pose if it causes you some discomfort or pain that is increasing.

One of the best things that surprises is that despite all the benefits that yoga produces, if you practice at home on your own, following all the good information and yoga courses that you can find online, it will not cost you anything. The only thing that is indispensable is the body itself, there is no need to buy expensive equipment to get the best results.

Although it is not essential to have a site specially designed to perform your yoga exercises, be sure to choose an environment as far away from stimuli and distractions as possible (such as conversations, music, street noise, TV, etc.). ). An insulating mat, a blanket or a simple large towel can be converted into a soft base for comfort when making asanas, since many of them are made, either in a sitting or lying position.

For yoga clothes in your workout, do not complicate your life, try to select something comfortable and loose, such as full tracksuits if it is cold, sweatpants and a shirt, shorts or loose pajamas. If the temperature accompanies you can train naked, the only clothing necessary to practice yoga, is the one that dictates the modesty of each one. Something very important is that our stomach is empty, at the time of beginning your yoga exercise routine. As a most common rule, a couple of hours after a main meal is not excessively strong, it is the great time for practicing asanas.

If you want to advance decisively and achieve all the benefits, program two yoga sessions, one in the early morning taking advantage of Amrit Vela or hour of ambrosia and the other in the evening, it can be extraordinarily beneficial for your body and your mind. The continued accomplishment of yogic exercises in the morning contributed…

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These occasional spiritual retreats are very necessary to cleanse us inwardly, Jesus Bonilla yoga retreats in Spain serve above all to find renewed strength and accumulate new inspiration, study, meet affine, relax, learn to meditate and see life from a focus more positive and serene. Practicing asanas also helps to balance and harmonize the energy of the human body.

In these yoga retreats in Spain with Jesus Bonilla a state of consciousness is achieved in which one comes into contact with the superior energy of the Universe, the spirituality that is breathed in the retreat environment eliminates the mind-body duality diluting it, achieving a state of unity that remains in daily life. If you want to deepen your practice, our yoga retreats are the perfect refuge for nature lovers, dynamic yoga, healing therapies and maintaining health. A seminar is much more than a few days in which new people are known, spiritual retreat is a valuable investment that relaxes your busy mind, a space in which yoga, pranayama breathing exercises and meditation give your body a healthy exercise


CONTACT: Mobile 680 902 203 Also in the email that is in the header image. Ask about Jesus
Come and enjoy an authentic retirement experience in a relaxed and familiar environment for small groups of no more than 20/25 people. It is not only a few days when you live an alternative activity, the yoga retreat is also a positive step towards self research, meditation encourages the ability of self-analysis very useful to put aside old habits that no longer serve you.

HIKING AND YOGA IN NATURE: Spiritual Retreat in Gestalgar, Valencia. Exercises, yoga postures, breathing, meditation, we will help you to relax from the stress and tensions of the daily routine, you will learn yoga in a very positive way, we will teach you so that your body and mind recover their energy and their healing powers with simple practices of yoga, relaxation and meditation exercises.

WITHDRAWALS OF YOGA MEDITATION AND WALKING IN VALENCIA IN THE PRETTY PEOPLE OF GESTALGAR: Dates of the Retreat (open). One every month. Groups of 20 people of all ages in which young people of both sexes predominate.

HIKING: We walk every day. You do not need an extraordinary physical condition, just an illusion to get fit and enjoy the beautiful scenery walking at a good pace. We usually practice yoga and hiking in nature in Chulilla and Chelva.

PRACTICES YOGA WORKSHOP: The yoga retreat is designed for those beginners as well as those who are already advanced. The Hatha Yoga sessions, the 5 Tibetan Rites exercises and the Kundalini Yoga classes are designed to allow more or less young people, with different degrees of strength and flexibility to feel comfortable doing the same session, all series of asanas are adapted to the different possibilities. The pranayamas, mudras, mantras, kriyas, bandhas, concentration and meditation techniques that we use are part of an easy and effective sadhana, all that is required of the student is the desire to participate and a correct intention. Of course, those who have previously practiced yoga and meditation will be helpful, but being a beginner is not an obstacle, one day you have to start.

FOOD: The food that everyone who comes to my yoga retreats is vegetarian, and each person is responsible for bringing their own food, you can heat breakfast in the morning and at night there is the option to cook.

ACCOMMODATION: We are in a Gestalgar house with two bathrooms, one for the girls on the top floor, and the other for the boys on the first floor. It is necessary to bring a yoga mat and a sleeping bag, as you sleep in the yoga room.

ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF THE WITHDRAWALS: We arrived the day before the retreat at night (if it is a weekend, the arrival will be Friday night), and we closed the seminar on Sunday afternoon.

The yoga holidays in Italy during the first half of August should be reserved as soon as possible, as the price of the flight and rental cars become more expensive as summer approaches. We will be staying at the Hotel Nigritella, in Santa Fosca, a beautiful village in the Dolomite Alps that belongs to Selva di Cadore and is at the foot of the impressive Monte Pelmo and the Civetta. Consult the interested conditions and price.

In our Yoga Retreats you will achieve a state of profound peace, you will practice series of asanas of Hatha and Kundalini Yoga adapted to the capacity of the assistants, pranayamas, meditation, Tibetan rites, a very special yoga retreat in which you will exper…

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